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Further leave to remain, or FLR means to extend a visa that is due to expire.

All visas have an expiry date, but if you plan to stay in the UK for longer,

it is essential to act, either by applying for a different visa or for further

leave to remain before the expiry of your current visa.


Basic Requirements

Unless you are otherwise exempted you must pass an

English Language Test at minimum level A2 CEFR.

The test centre must be recognised by UKVI.

You must ensure you meet the salary threshold required

in maintaining your current visa.

You must demonstrate  your relationship continues to subsist. 



You apply via the UK Visa & Immigration Gov.UK website.

Key Information

The Further leave to remain visa allows you to continue living

in the UK for a further 30 months.In most cases you can

apply for Settlement once you have completed 5 years in the UK

Professional Fee


A Fixed Fee of £400 payable on submission of the application.

The fee includes advising you prior, during & post application,

ensuring all documents are Home Office compliant & uploaded

to the UKVCAS website in preparation of your biometric appointment.

Informing you promptly of all correspondence from the Home Office

& UKVCAS. No VAT will be charged; however, you will be responsible

for the Home Office application & Immigration Health Surcharge fees.


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