E.E.A. Certificate Of Permanent Residency


You may be eligible to apply for a Certificate of Permanent Residency otherwise known as  settlement if you are an  EEA National or  the family member of EEA National. In order to qualify you need to show you have been exercising your treaty rights in the UK for a ‘continuous period’ of 5 years. However Permanent Residency is only valid  in the UK.

Certificate of Permanent Residency


EEA Nationals 

Permanent Residency is acquired automatically when you have been in the United Kingdom, exercising your treaty rights  as a ‘qualified person’ for  a period of 5 years or more. Currently, you are not required to apply for Permanent Residency,  however if  you want to continue on to Naturalise as a British citizen it is now a requirement that you hold a Certificate of Permanent Residency.

Family Members of an EEA National

Likewise,  if you are a Non EEA National and you currently hold a Residence Card, you must be present in the United Kingdom for a continuous period of 5 years, before you can apply. Permanent Residency may be granted to you if your relationship with your EEA partner continues to subsist and that they have maintained their qualified person status throughout the 5 year term.

Basic Requirements

  • If you are an EEA National you must show you have been exercising your treaty rights  as a ‘qualified person’ in the UK for the full 5 year term.

  • If you are a partner of an EEA National you must show that your relationship with your EEA Partner continues to subsist.

  • You do not need to sit the Knowledge of Language and Life in the UK in order to qualify for  Certificate of Permanent Residency status. However you will be required to fulfil the requirement should you wish to go on to Naturalise as a British citizen.


  • All EEA applications are considered via the postal route only. You are not permitted to apply at the Public Enquiry Office using the same day premium service.

  • There is a minimal processing fee of £65 required.

  • The application may take up to 6 months to process.

  • If you would like to keep your passport while your application is being processed it is advisable to use the European Passport Return Service provided by your local Register Office. The fee for this service is approximately £10 per applicant, however please check the fee with the Register Office.

Key information

  • Likewise with other EEA visa applications you only need to pay an administration fee of £65 for each applicant.

  • Permanent Residency is a route to Citizenship

  • If you are an EEA National you are now required to successfully apply for Permanent Residency before you can apply to Naturalise

  • Permanent Residency allows you to live and work in the UK without restrictions.

Professional  Fee

A Fixed Fee of £300 to represent you payable on submission of the application to the Home Office. The Fee includes checking the application, documentation & informing you of any developments as they arise. There will be no VAT charged, However, you will be responsible for any Home Office application fees & disbursements regarding the application.