U.K. Spouse VISA


The spouse visa is for individuals who want to join their British or settled partner here in the United Kingdom.

Basic Requirements – UK Spouse Visa

  • All applicants must be 18 years old or over.

  • The marriage/ civil partnership must be recognised under UK law.

  • You must meet the financial requirement in order to show that you will not be a burden on the state. There are a number of ways you can demonstrate this, for example, via salaried earnings of more than £18,600, savings of more than £62,500, pension and/or a property portfolio.

  • If you are a national from a majority English speaking country you may be exempted from the English Language requirement.

  • You must pay the Immigration Health Surcharge.

  • Nationals from certain countries are required  pass a Tuberculosis Test.

  • New rules have come into force regarding Family Members and considering cases, for those who are unable to meet the financial requirement. Please contact for further information.


  • If you are already married you may apply for this visa from your country of residence.

  • If you hold a visa for the purpose of marriage and settlement, once you have married in the UK you may apply for the family of a settled person visa.

  • If you hold a Marriage Visit Visa you must return to your home country and apply for a Family of a settled person visa.

Key Information – UK Spouse Visa

  • The visa is initially issued for a term of 33 months.

  • You may extend this visa for a further term of 30 months providing you can demonstrate your relationship is genuine and subsisting and you continue to meet the financial requirement.

  • All partner visa routes lead to settlement.

Professional  Fee

A Fixed Fee of £400 to represent you payable on submission of the application to the Home Office. The Fee includes checking the application, documentation & informing you of any developments as they arise. There will be no VAT charged, However, you will be responsible for any Home Office application fees & disbursements regarding the application.

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